JDWorld account

V1 customer you will need to recreate a JDWorld customer account for this new version of the site. Do not worry your pending orders made on the old version of the site will be transferred to you.



The new version of the site allows you to filter items within collections.

Example on Visual Adventure:

You can therefore classify your articles by Part, Prism, Good Deals etc ...


Some articles will be presented with variations.

The selected item will then change its appearance, price or state accordingly.

Reservation of article in your basket

 This new version offers you to reserve your items for 45 minutes leaving you free to visit and add other items serenely.

To do so, go to your basket and click on "Book" below the desired items.


Validate the option

The validation starts and the countdown is displayed below the article.

The countdown can only be viewed in your basket.
The manipulation must be done under each article where you will judge the reservation necessary.



You can ask to set aside an order to group it with one or more others.
To do so, leave us a message in "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR ORDERING".


To be sure not to miss the return or stocking of a product, we invite you to subscribe to the news letter provided for this purpose.

We promise not to spam; )

For an article out of stock, you have the possibility on the article card to leave your email address.

You will then receive a back-up alert via email.


A question, need help ?
Do not hesitate to contact us via the Messenger application using the contact button:



E-Packet with tracking  (Approximately 5 to 10 days delay)
SAL with tracking  (About 2 weeks delay)

La Poste's liability is engaged in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions which apply to it, in particular those of the Post Code and electronic communications. Compensation in the event of loss or damage is applied in accordance with the General Conditions of Sale "Mail - Parcels" accessible on the site The information recorded in La Poste's shipment tracking information system is authentic between the parties to determine whether or not a loss has occurred. In the event of a breach relating to the tracking service, La Poste compensates the customer up to once the rate of the postage amount.
Therefore, disclaims all responsibility in the event of a dispute during the delivery of your order. Only La Poste can act or inform you.