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JDWorld has simply become the French-language marketing of Dragon Ball card sales sites. the selling prices are so below the french side that the site has become in a few months the argus of Dragon Ball cards.

Gabriel Lacour

Good quality products, in accordance with the descriptive (a rare product in the middle of DBZ cards..), affordable prices and fast delivery (sometimes less than 5 days!).

On top of that contact is very good with the seller, who has the heart on his hand, and the passion in the heart, what to ask for more;

Olivier Benoit

Many products are plentiful; layout is very good price.
Never decedil u of the quality of the articles that have been
Top seller, very reactive and generous with these small gifts in our parcels.

Ri Kou

Japan's best import seller for all manga enthusiasts, collectible cards and various goodies and variety !!!
Mainly on the Dragon Ball license but this is getting bigger and other licenses are gradually coming!
At the top, as always, both on price and on quality; products proposed.

Ludoka Marley

JDWorld is above all a passion for these customers, always available day and night, products that are always quality, a fast and careable shipment, what more can be said to be long-lived. Japan Deal World and thank you for the joy your parcels bring us. So go for it without a rush, it's just good;👍

Ju Sixx

Sympathy of the seller and very patient (I make him see all the colors;😜). very high price. A lot of new, fast and very careable shipments (dasy the many other buyers because at the time of writing, my parcel fills up almost the first time;😅)! I recommend 'I'm going to do it's not like that?

Jim Hard ViGeek